SEO Agency

LINKEO MONTREAL’s team is made up of skilled SEO specialists.

By offering a wide range of services, we can guarantee to fully optimize your company’s online presence.


Google Search Engine Optimization

LINKEO MONTREAL is committed to seeing your business dominate the very first Google search results.

Our SEO experts set out with the goal to maximize your company’s visibility on the most popular search engine.

We do so by integrating optimized content on your site. We also ensure that meta descriptions and title tags are carefully entered. Furthermore, our SEO services include setting up your company on various social media networks and listings with relevant directories.

We guarantee high ranking online search results


Creating Adwords Campaigns

LINKEO MONTREAL is one of the few, if not the only, agencies that contractually guarantees site hits.

This type of offer involves pay-per-click marketing using Google Adwords. Purchasing certain key words allows for optimizing your company’s visibility in any desired geographic area.

Our SEO and SEM specialists guarantee relevant hits and visitors! We direct internet users who are specifically looking for your services or products to your site.

Our web agency offers effective and powerful marketing strategies

In terms of referencing, LINKEO MONTREAL offers:

  • Contractually guaranteed site visits
  • Flexible plans to meet your commercial needs
  • Personalized advice and recommendations

Our SEO and SEM experts are dedicated to your success.