Mobile and Web Applications

To meet our clients’ needs, LINKEO MONTREAL has developed various mobile and web applications.

Offer your client-base only the best by making simple and effective tools available directly on your website.

Mobile and Web Applications Montreal

Build customer loyalty

LINKEO MONTREAL is the best partner for creating your small business’ website and for handling all SEO and SEM applications. But our services don’t stop there!

We can develop various cutting-edge tools tailored specifically to your needs. For example, Geoloc, a geolocation application that can help build client loyalty. Using this application, your clients can check business hours and call with just one click.

The app’s different features allow you to apply various specialized functions and to offer exclusive promotions or specials to your clientele.

A tool for connecting with your clients

Mobile and Web Applications Montreal

Choose tools that can grow with your business

Our team is on top of all the latest industry innovations, and fully knowledgeable about the newest ways to simplify connecting clients and businesses online.

Furthermore, we recommend the Social Manager web application to manage your website and social media networks from one simple hub. This tool allows users to update their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as to program any other posts.

ePlanner is another useful web application we use, allowing clients to book appointments and meetings on your website. You can then approve requests and reply directly to each individual according to your schedule.

Simplify appointment and meeting management

The benefits of our mobile and web applications:

  • Ease of use
  • Training and advice
  • Competitive prices

Learn more about our mobile and web applications and get a quote!